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Get to Know Us

Welcome to our program, I couldn't be happier that you chose to be here. Sprouts Nursery PlaySchool is a home based program committed to a holistic approach to learning. We pride ourselves in providing quality outcomes for children everyday.

Connecticut became home after deciding that a change of pace from the city was best for my family. After much deliberation we made the move from Brooklyn to Stratford, city to suburban life was a big transition for our family. Nevertheless, the community and environment quickly grew on us and we found our place. I began my search for childcare shortly after moving but unfortunately, one of the lingering effects of the most vicious pandemic in decades was that many childcare centers were shut down and in the aftermath, many parents were now faced with this dilemma of a shortage of viable childcare options.


I am a wife and mother of three children who was in a tough but not so unique predicament of finding suitable childcare to balance work and family needs. I searched for months but the best programs were either full or too expensive. As for the other options, I just wasn't prepared to leave my child at a facility that lacked the necessary standards. Eventually I had to quit my job, in order to provide care for my three children. We can all testify to the woes of balancing work and childcare, which is why working together with parents is extremely important to creating a successful Sprouts Nursery PlaySchool experience. I have extensive first hand experience providing childcare both as a parent and a professional. This experience is balanced with knowledge, education and a lifelong commitment to continuously learning and improving both personally and professionally.

I am truly grateful to have this skill, and to be honest, it all comes naturally. I am always in my element when I work with young children. In life I've learnt that it is more beneficial to focus on a solution instead of the problem itself. I have the desire to help others and It has always been a life long goal to share this passion in my own way.  After working in the field for many years and gaining valuable experience, the opportunity and timing was perfect. I needed a childcare solution and I had the space to provide one, so Sprouts Nursery PlaySchool was born, baby number 4! I am thrilled to provide comfort and security to parents who can relate to the struggles I've faced. 

Nurturing the eagerness for learning and forming meaningful attachments while building curiosity in a clean and safe space are paramount at Sprouts Nursery PlaySchool. We are here to support the growth of healthy, happy children. Working closely with families and the community to enhance the outcomes of every little Sprout in our care. 

All parents want to provide the best for their children but unfortunately, we seldom find "the perfect" option. At Sprouts Nursery PlaySchool we aim to provide that "perfect" option. A high quality of care, provided in a safe, clean and stimulating environment at a competitive rate. We are stepping away from the norm of what a traditional "day-care" looks and feels like. We are a Nursery PlaySchool, We Nurture, We Foster Development, We Support Growth, and We Play! We value the quality of care and the overall experience both child and parents have in our space.

We always strive for excellence!

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