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Toddler (18m-3 years)

Toddlerhood is the most magnificent time for discovery and exploration. They have a knack for curiosity and inquisitiveness. At this developmental stage an understanding of self and the world around them is achieved.

Toddler with Wooden Toys

Free Play

Our warm and inviting space is the perfect environment for young children to learn freely and explore through creative expressions.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Nurturing Educators

Our knowledgeable and experienced educators support a wholesome learning concept with open ended materials where toddlers can discover safely and independently.

Art Class

A love for learning

Our  curriculum at SNP is essential for early education. Following the Connecticut Early Learning and development standards. Created to support development of a whole brain child through positive learning, skills and concepts.

Focus is placed on Cognitive, Mindfulness, Sensory Exploration, Food & Nutrition, Fine Arts, Science, Social Studies

Mathematics and Movement.

Preschool (3-4.5 years)

The primary years, children at this age of life absorb information seamlessly from the environment around them. Spaces are carefully designed to take advantage of this natural inclination for comprehension through doing, touching and experiencing carefully prepared hands on, self directed and self correcting materials. 

Kids Playing with Chalk

Sensory Exploration

Literacy & Language

Exploration & Discovery

Math & Science

Interior of Children's Clothing Store


Aged appropriate materials used to understand concepts through guided lessons and free play.

Potato Sack Race


Our experienced and nurturing teachers will help children understand and manage their emotions, feel and show empathy for others, establish healthy relationships, set positive goals and make responsible decisions. Keeping our bodies healthy and growing through physical activities

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