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Toddlers are natural explorers. They are very inquisitive during this developmental stage, and show interest in almost everything in their environment. Toddlers want to examine and investigate every tiny detail they come across. Both their fine and gross motor skills develop during this exciting stage. Their fascination with climbing, running, picking up small objects, breaking things apart and putting things together all foster their coordination and cognitive development. 

Toddlers are fascinated by words and names, and begin to pick up new words with remarkable speed. Dr Montessori considers this to be the absorbent stage. They are such talented  listeners when it comes to learning from others to form their own sentences to get their needs met.

Toddlers love play, they are always interested in other children and have the tendency to form strong attachments to those they love most. Toddlers have very big feelings and are learning about empathy for others. In their eagerness to learn, they become frustrated when prevented in any way from continuing their set exploration.

Our curriculum supports the development of a whole brain, using proven methods from the book "The Whole Brain Child" by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson. These strategies appeal to both sides of the brain to nurture proper brain stimulation. Physical, social and emotional teachings are core to our program. Toddlers strengthen their speech and language development as well as their fine and gross motor skills by exploring self, family and their environment. 


At this stage Dr. Maria Montessori observed children to make great developmental strides by absorbing and interacting with virtually everything in their environment. Their enthusiasm to learn, explore, and refine their growing independence are usually very apparent. It is also at this stage that they learn to socialize, understand feelings and to manage working and playing in groups.

Montessori education focuses on encouraging children to learn best through meaningful play.  Learning is intertwined into every experience they partake in, including both structured and unstructured activities. Having age appropriate stimulating activities  produces consistent learning possibilities everyday.

We believe children learn best in a safe and nurturing environment where they can develop confidence, independence, and a strong sense of emotional and physical wellbeing. Our nurturing teachers are there to support your child with developing skills to thrive at every stage.

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